Our specialty is to provide beauty salons with modern, stylish equipment, allowing you to arrange the entire premises in a customer-friendly way. We offer cosmetic furniture that not only affects the decor of the salon, but also provides comfort during all treatments. A lot of equipment is available, including armchairs and beds, cosmetic tables and helpers. We provide all types of cosmetic furniture that allow you to store accessories and equipment, as well as carry out advanced care treatments. These are highly aesthetic products that come in several color options. They are characterized by high resistance and functionality, affecting the convenience of use.

We also offer hairdressing furniture, enabling hair care and stylisation. Appropriately profiled armchairs will provide customers with comfort during washing and combing, while functional consoles that can be fitted with mirrors will facilitate any procedure. In addition, we offer universal equipment such as reception desks, shelves and helpers, complementing the interior design and increasing its functionality. The advantages of available hairdressing furniture are careful workmanship and the use of the best materials, which translates into their durability and convenience of use. They are also characterized by very high aesthetics, referring to elegant styles.