The First Pedicure Station is a stand for pedicure different from others. Amazing seatcreates closed – circle atmosphere which allows to isolate from reality in exceptional environment. Comfortable and profesiional design is also beautiful and stylish. Contents: armchair, sitz – bath of stone facture, portable footstool, tall support,materials used in our products are respected by architects and used in Spa cabinets, hospitals and restaurants.

Board – HPL Proof Laminate is rubbing, scratching, chemical compounds and moisture proof. This kind of board dousn’t lose its original coulour under heat. Mineral aceylic bath-sitz isn’t porous, so that any mush rooms and bacteries can’t reproduct. It’s fully chemically,moisture and stainproof. It’s very apreciated by arhcitects for its versatility and texture wich in touch is similar to stone. There is a possibility of changing the size, board colour and covering.



  • width 100 cm
  • height 30 cm
  • 130 cm deep

Armchair height

  • height 184 cm
  • height armrest 76 cm
  • height seat 50 cm 
  • width 94 cm
  • depth 73 cm