The dreamlike design of the structure and the color consistency of the upholstery with the base give an unusual visual effect. Silver armrests add style and stand out beautifully against the background of the hairdressing washer. The proposed hair wash is available in many colors. Deeply saturated colors will look beautiful in your hair salon. Aesthetics is not everything. Our hairdresser has an adjustable angle of inclination of the bowl, and the possibility of connecting from the back or bottom of the washer will greatly facilitate assembly.

The most important features:

adjustable bowl tilt angle
can be connected to the back or bottom of a washer
faucet, pull-out spout and connectors included
upholstery made of high quality organic leather
– seat width: 45 cm
– seat depth: 45 cm
– chair back height: 42 cm
– bowl width: 55 cm
– bowl length: 55 cm
– bowl depth: 19 cm
– height from the ground (with bowl): 100 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Warranty: 12 months

Delivery time: ask about availability!

Please direct all questions to the following telephone number: (68) 355 02 19